They say that a good story has a beginning and an end, but today we are going to tell you one that began many years ago and is still very much alive and very much with us.

Because it all began on the banks of the river…this story takes place in the SOUTH OF CANTABRIA

Since the beginning of time, the river has been a metaphor for life, so today we are going to talk about a valley that runs through one of the most important rivers in Europe, this is the REAL VALLEY OF VALDERREDIBLE, strategically located in the cradle of the EBRO.

Rivers have played a crucial role in the development of human beings and the configuration of our societies.

Near their banks we have developed farming and fishing, essential processes for the appearance of writing and History itself.

And yes, “The river is life”, as they say in the Ebro Delta.

Around them we have built villages, towns and cities; and historically Valderredible has been a valley that has articulated its population around the river Ebro, which rises in Fontibre and flows down to the Mediterranean Sea to flow into the Ebro Delta.

Welcome to the year 2023…to THE IBERIA CRADLE

Welcome to the VALLEY OF VALDERREDIBLE, the best place in the world: fertile land, a good climate and a river, the Ebro…and much more…

And as each river is a world, and each world is a river, today we are going to tell you everything that the REAL VALLE DE VALDERREDIBLE has to offer.

Etymologically, Valderredible means valley of the banks of the Iber (Ebro).

In ancient Greece, the philosopher Heraclitus is attributed with the following phrase; “you cannot bathe twice in the same river”; (ask the people of Valderredible… let’s see how many times they have bathed in the IBERUS FLUMEN in their LIFETIME, in the River Ebro!)

In Valderredible there are 53 villages, each one more beautiful, with names that make you fall in love… “Rocamundo” is one of them, and as the song says “in every village there is a church”.

Yes, Valderredible has much to discover and get to know, it has a rich architectural, historical and cultural heritage, it has a mild climate, a very Cantabrian and delicious gastronomy and some wines, yes the wines of Camesía Bodegas del Alto Ebro that have already delighted more than one person!!

And last but not least, in the South of Cantabria you will find the “vallucos”, a very hospitable people… That’s for sure!!!!

Because we love our Valley and our Heritage…we want to make it known…Here is our INVITATION:

To get to know Valderredible is to be able to enter the most incredible natural environments to get to know the historical heritage and ancestral traditions, as well as the leisure, culture and gastronomy on offer.

Experts in nature, archaeologists, history… reveal the secrets of each destination, but we will also discover the places and their history,… through small artisans, farmers, winemakers, artists and locals.

Hidden forests, enchanting trails…

Valderredible offers us a lot to discover: a valley, its history, its villages ….

Because this story begins on the banks of the river…WELCOME!

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Delight yourself with our Cantabrian gastronomy and also discover all the Historical, Architectural and Cultural Heritage of the Royal Valley of Valderredible.